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About Batt-Recon

Bravo Zulu International Ltd, and it’s BATT – RECON Technical Services Division, provides factory direct service from one of several locations located across the United States, to recondition your expensive, high-end batteries. If you realize the need to have battery sulfation elimination services provided to you by the people who “write the book” about battery re-conditioning and build world-class, de-sulfating machines; then please feel free to give us a call.

On staff we have FAA authorized Aircraft Mechanics for both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

We also have technicians with extensive automotive, forklift and marine maintenance experience. All of our factory-direct service is conducted within the strict guidelines of the FAA Aircraft Maintenance System. This focus on quality control sets our Technical Services Division apart from the other service providers. When only the best is good enough, call on BATT-RECON Technical Services Division to solve your battery re-conditioning needs!

Welcome to the Evolution of Sulfation Elimination!

In the year 2006, Canada, Mexico and the United States replaced 96 million batteries!

The average lifespan of an automotive battery is 4 years, over 70% of which are replaced due to an internal process called Sulphation. Without the damaging effects of Sulphation, the typical automotive battery could last 6 to 10 years! 

Today our Society buys, consumes and discards 96 million batteries a year without realizing many can be maintained in a like new condition, with one simple process. That process is battery de-sulphation, or simply, SULPHATION ELIMINATION!  Using the BATT-RECON System, a battery can be maintained with little or no Level 2 or Level 3 sulfation buildup on the internal battery plates.  This buildup can be scientifically measured and removed quickly enough to become a commercialy viable service offering.  Battery sulfation measured using an impedance tester, can now be quickly and safely removed allowing the battery to charge and discharge more efficiently, in addition to extending the life of the battery.

Imagine a process that allows the battery life to be extended up to twice the current state of technology!  Imagine a world with less than 30% of the current battery recycling, environmental mess and cost to the consumers! Imagine 70% of those batteries saved and re-used, that's 67 million batteries a year!

BATT-RECON is the world's first scientifically based, commercially viable lead-acid battery Sulphation Elimination process!  A real "Game Changer" in the motive battery industry, BATT-RECON allows a battery service technician to maintain large and expensive motive batteries without having to move them back and forth from a fixed battery maintenance facility!

BATT-RECON is the beginning of a paradigm shift in the way 21st Century batteries will be maintained and operated. 

Welcome to BATT-RECON!

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