If you OWN or LEASE Golf Carts ...
After 2 years the batteries begin to SLOW-DOWN.  "Slow" batteries require more charging to play the same number of holes, compared to "fresh" or Optimized Batteries.  Slow batteries often strand your golfers in the middle of play, while significantly increasing your electrical re-charging costs.

You eventually find yourself parking more and more carts as they near the end of their lease, because they keep stranding your players, who then want a refund of their "Green Fees."  You may find yourself hoping to make the end of the lease without having to buy any more batteries.


The BattRecon Battery Optimization System ...

Allows a golf cart attendant to easily keep your batteries "Tuned Up," using less electricity when re-charging, and playing the maximum number of holes.

The attendant simply rotates a different cart onto the Optimization Station during a normal charging process, then presses the START button.  The Optimization Station allows the cart to fully charge, followed by a 5 minute BattRecon restoration process applied to the battery pack.

That's IT!   Simple, Fast and Efficient, the BattRecon Optimization Station Saves Electricity, Extends the Cart's useful life, and most importantly, ... keeps your players HAPPY

A system this good must be really expensive to own and operate!
Actually, the system was designed to be a low cost alternative to conventional battery services, or battery replacement. A typical battery service can cost around $150 per cart, while replacing the batteries is between $700 and $900 per set.

The Model 5000 "Fleet-Tune" optimization system can be placed at your facility for a 3 month trial period, at a cost of only $999. This allows you to "tune up your fleet" and see for yourself how efficient the system is. For less than the replacement cost of one set of batteries, you can optimize your entire fleet!

Most older batteries that run nine holes before applying "Fleet-Tune, then run 18 holes after, save the operator about 50% of their re-charging electrical cost! For most operators, this ranges between $100 and $600 per month.

After the 90 day trial period, you can return the machine, or continue to rotate your fleet batteries through a periodic "Fleet-Tune" process.

If you chose to keep the system, you can simply pay $99 per month, or $999 per year on an annualized basis.

Looking for a complete Battery Restoration System?
The Model 5048LX is the World's Only, "Cloud Based," battery restoration and testing system.  The Model 5048 series feature our Patented "Auto Sequence Mode," which allows the operator to program the system to automatically sequence between Charge, Optimize and Load Discharge Test modes. 

Connect the batteries to the Model 5048LX and using our computer interface, select the service program to apply to the batteries.  Press START, then go, ... "play a round of golf." 

Anywhere on the course, the restaurant, at home, ... or the any where in the world for that matter, ... you can use your web based devices to check on your battery's status.  You can START or STOP the system, modify the parameters, or simply watch what's going on in the "Cart Barn."

BattRecon Cloud Based Systems: SCAN - COMMAND and CONTROL ..... WORLDWIDE!

The Cost
The Model 5048 LX normally sells for $6,500, however, we have a "Supervisor's Special Price" of $4,999 for the month of September, 2015.  ACT NOW and save $1,500 on the World's Fastest and Finest, Automated Battery Servicing System!

BattRecon:  You Play Golf, ... We'll Fix the Batteries!

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