The BattRecon Cloud Based Battery

Servicing Systems:

Basic Operational Systems

US Patent 9,166,435 B2


The BattRecon Cloud: 


The BattRecon Cloud Based Battery Servicing and Optimization Systems allow the battery servicing professional, or battery owner/operator, to connect the battery to one of the BattRecon Cloud based devices and then control the battery servicing functions from any web based, internet connected device.  Those internet connected devices might be your home or work desktop computer, a computer tablet with internet connection, or even your cell phone with internet capability. 

What can I do with a BattRecon Cloud Based System?  While BattRecon is designed to work primarily with batteries, it is also capable of remotely monitoring and controlling other devices within the same facility as your battery operation.  The BattRecon Cloud may be a low cost way for you to monitor 1 or 1,000 batteries, and also monitor and control many other functions within your company warehouse or facility.   If you have any question about whether a facility function may be integrated into the BattRecon Cloud, ... then simply give us a call, or send us an email and we will be glad to custom design a system that meets your needs!

From anywhere in the world with an internet connection, you can  SCAN  battery or facility metrics, such as: 1) battery voltage, 2) volts per cell, 3) amperage into or out of the battery, 4) battery and cable impedance (resistance), 5) calculated discharge runtime, 6) KiloWatt Hours of energy into and out of the battery, 7) Amp/hours into and out of the battery, 8) battery electrolyte temperature, 9) digitized specific gravity, 10) the battery's ambient temperature, 11) a Fuel or other liquid level of a storage tank, 12) the certified KWH electrical consumption used for calculating your electrical bill with the utility company, 13) the remote control of other external devices, such as generator starting and stopping, external cooling fans, remote door locking or unlocking, and so on, and 14) any customer requirements for the  SCAN - COMMAND and CONTROL  of devices from a remote location.

The BattRecon Cloud allows you to create and store  COMMANDS  and determine Operational Parameters for individual batteries used in everyday battery servicing and repair, or monitor and control facility devices.  You define the way in which a battery charger, battery de-sulfation system, battery discharging device applies their individual process to the battery.  COMMANDs may also be developed for facilities such as the measurement of a fuel storage tank, the measurement of the electrical consumption of the battery charger room or circuit, the opening and closing of an access door, the operation of a remote video camera, the starting of a back up generator, the temperature measurement of a freezer with a corresponding alarm sent to the Cloud Operator warning of a temperature problem, and so on.  The BattRecon  COMMAND  structure is versatile and not just limited to the battery business within your company!

The BattRecon Cloud will  CONTROL  the devices used in battery maintenance, in facility maintenance, or devices that are added by the client as a custom order.  The control process may be a  MANUAL MODE  of operation, when a Cloud Operator chooses to perform one function, from one device, only one time.  The control process may also be the scheduling or "Auto Sequencing" of several devices, with differing parameters, to be applied one after the other.  Our Patented cloud based  AUTO SEQUENCING  process allows the operator to develop a simple, or complex series of different device applications to a battery, or facility, or a combination of battery and facility devices. 

Another feature of the BattRecon Cloud is the ability of the Cloud Operator to pre-schedule simple or complex auto sequences for one of more battery or facility stations, which we refer to as  AUTO SCHEDULING.  Auto scheduling greatly reduces the workload of remote management of devices or facilities.  Set up the Auto Schedule for a battery station and that process will be repetitively performed without human intervention.   

Auto Scheduling is typically used when the operator has a large number of working stations that would be too complex to manage manually.  If your company manages numerous batteries, or numerous facilities located locally or anywhere in the world, then the Auto Scheduling Process will simplify the management of those stations.

As an example, a Cloud Operator may want to automatically optimize the dual bank of batteries used in a cellular phone transmission tower.  While this would be a simple task if the operator was responsible for only a few towers, but if the operator is monitoring hundreds of towers, this task could be quit difficult. 

Therefore, a Cloud Operator may choose to schedule 800 individual cell tower battery de-sulfation processes to be applied to each cell tower battery bank "A" and "B", every 30 days, for a 5 minute duration.  This requires the isolation of battery Bank A from the tower electrical power buss, the application of the BattRecon De-sulfation Process to the batteries,  followed by an Impedance test, after which Battery Bank A would be returned to the power buss.  This process would then be repeated for Battery Bank B.   

If either battery bank had failed the impedance test when compared to the parameters of the Cloud, then an automated alarm would be generated and sent to the operator by email or text and displayed on their Geo-Reference map, so that they may take a corrective action.  In fact, using the Auto Scheduling features of the BattRecon Cloud, the corrective action may even be pre-programmed to automatically execute before the Cloud Operator is even aware there is a problem. 

Another example might be that an institution that has UPS backup batteries and they want to automatically optimize them up every 30 days.  using Auto Scheduler, the operator can predefine the Auto Sequence Mode desired, save that Auto Sequence, then automatically apply that process on a preset date and time.  The Auto Sequence would have also defined the parameters and the alarms, so if the automatically scheduled process is a success, then a green light would remain on that station's Geo-Reference Designator.  If the process revealed that the batteries did not meet the operational parameters, then a Alarm Condition would be detected and reported to the operator, in addition to changing the color of the Station Geo-Reference Designator Icon to Yellow or Red, depending upon the parameters set by the operator.

This means that the battery servicing or optimization process is less dependent upon service personnel, or personnel training qualifications, allowing your company to re-allocate your labor force to more productive functions, rather than watching a battery charge, or moving batteries from a charger to a load tester, and so on.  Facilities maintenance may also be integrated into the BattRecon Cloud, further enhancing the value of remote  SCAN - COMMAND and CONTROL.

A battery service provider may also locate the BattRecon Cloud Based Systems at the client's location and provide either an Optimization process to the battery, or a full battery service including a load discharge test.  This would eliminate costly transportation of the battery lowering the service cost to the clients, while increasing the profits to the service provider.

What is Battery Optimization?  Battery optimization is the automatic application of the BattRecon De-sulfation process to the battery after a normal re-charging process.  The battery is connected to the BattRecon Machine, as is an external charger, and when the BattRecon Optimization System recognizes the battery and that it needs to be re-charged, it allows the charger-  to - battery connection to be completed.  Once the battery is fully charged, using that charger's native charge profile, the BattRecon Optimization System will interrupt the battery - to - charger connection, followed by a 5 minute application of the BattRecon Patented Eco-Pulse de-sulfation process.  If this process is performed onece every 2 to 4 weeks, then the operator would maintain the lowest possible internal impedance, resulting in about an average of 10 to 40% in their electrical re-charging energy consumption.  Optimized batteries also require very little service and have a longer life expectancy.  The operator may also choose to use the BattRecon Internal Charger on those system devices that incorporate an  Internal Charge Mode. 

The BattRecon devices that are Cloud Capable are:


1) The Model 5000C Optimizer and Battery Management System, used in Cell tower or Telecommunications Industry to automatically and periodically de-sulfate, charge and test batteries, with centralized Command and Control of the individual locations.  The 5000C also measures and reports fuel tank quantity for those installations with diesel or gas generators. The 5000C also incorporates a power meter that reads, records and transmits certified power consumption by the cell tower to the centralized command for use in paying the utility company for electrical grid consumption. 

2) TheModel 5000 Optimizer, used in the automotive, truck fleets, agricultural, golf cart and marine industries.  The system uses an external, or internal BattRecon Branded charger, to recharge the battery, then automatically applies a 5 minute BattRecon De-sulfation process.

3) The Model 5048  Service System "Robot", used in the automotive, truck fleets, agricultural, golf cart, and marine industries to fully service batteries when a load discharge test or certification is required.  Connect a battery(s) to the Model 5048, then press the start button and have the system fully service the battery using the techniques the operator prefers. 

4) TheModel 6000 Optimizer, used in the traction battery industry to keep the batteries at their maximum performance level during the normal re-charging process.   The system uses an external, or internal BattRecon Branded charger, to recharge the battery, then automatically applies a 5 minute BattRecon De-sulfation process.

5) The Model 6048 and 6080 Service System "Robot,"used in the traction battery industry to fully service the batteries when a load discharge test or certification is required. 

6) The Model 2000 Charger Optimization Conversion Kit, which are the client installed  hardware and software modifications necessary to convert your existing charger, to a BattRecon Cloud Capable Battery Optimization Station.

7) The Fuel Tank Quantityindicator may be used as a "stand-alone" device and is fully cloud capable.  Any operator with a large fuel, or other liquid, storage tank may want to use the BattRecon Cloud to remotely monitor the tank quantity levels.  Some applications might be theft deterrence, re-ordering capability, or other functions relating to liquid level monitoring.

8) ThePower Metermay also be used as a "stand-alone" device to remotely monitor the consumption of grid electricity by devices, buildings or facilities.

The Cloud Based System has two basic operational modes:

Manual Mode and Auto Sequence Mode.

Manual Mode:Is used when the operator wants to perform only one function to the battery, such as Charging, or applying a BattRecon De-sulfation process, or discharging the battery.

 Auto Sequence Mode:Is used when the operator wants to apply (connect) more

 than one functional device to the battery, without having to move the battery between


The BattRecon Cloud is so powerful, you can operate it from your tablet while hovering in a helicopter above the Golden Gate Bridge, as an example!