The ECO-PULSE Technology

The recently Patented (August 2015) ECO-PULSE design is an advanced derivative of the Model 4800 Pulse Width Modulated (PWM), low frequency - high amplitude, multi-channel design battery de-sulfation system.  ECO-PULSE is the world's most advanced PWM system because it creates an individual,  precisely controlled pulse current; then measures the effect of that exact pulse upon the battery.  Once that applied pulse is measured, the system modifies the applied current of the subsequent pulse(s) to more closely match the operator's established current values.  This exact "before and after" matching of each applied pulse to the desired pulse, plus the induction of harmonic -  asymmerical pulses, singularly or in paired groupings, results in the World's most effective Industrial Battery Optimization System! 

The ECO-PULSE design allows the operator to shape the amplitude (height) and in some models, duration of the current peak. The single/dual channel option, set at the factory, depends upon the batteries you are working with, your AC main power supply and other factors. 

As an example, the Model 6048-120 volt systems operating in "High Power Mode," delivers approximately 33% more pulses per second than the Model 4800 system.  The ECO-PULSE High Power/Multi-Channel mode, also allows each channel peak "ON" state (time) to be varied providing a “harmonic inductive” effect to be applied to the batteries.    The “Symmetrical and/or Asymmetrical – Harmonic Power Waves” were designed to more deeply de-sulfate the battery plates increasing the battery’s runtime capacity to their scientific maximum.  Once the ECO-PULSE harmonic frequencies are tuned to the individual battery type, the batteries will benefit from this "deeper" de-sulfation process by releasing lead-sulfate molecules trapped behind the surface layer of the lead plates.

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