BattRecon Servicing and Restoration Devices for Forklift, Golf Cart, Auto, Marine and Telecom Batteries

The BattRecon Model 5048 GCX has a dual purpose, to act an Optimization System, or to act as a Servicing System.  As a Professional Service System it includes an automated load tester to discharge the battery and calculate the minutes of battery run time.  This allows you to easily conduct advanced electrical savings testing and prove your Battery Optimization results.

Either system is capable of using the “BattRecon Cloud,” which is an internet based Golf Cart and Battery Management System, hey may be may be purchased outright, or leased at a low operating cost.  All Model 5000 Series machines are computerized with WIFI capability allowing a wireless COMMAND and CONTROL of the system from the comfort of your office desk, or anywhere in the world, using an internet connection.

The BattRecon Model 5048 GC is designed to be used in the golf cart facility without technician training or labor.  The golf cart attendant simply plugs the golf cart into the BattRecon system during a re-charging cycle, once every 30 days or so, and the system automatically  optimizes the batteries.  The Model 5048 GC has its own built in charger, or you can use an external charger if you choose.   You can generally optimize two golf carts per day. 

“The Golf Cart batteries just don’t last as long as we want them too!”

 Regardless of whether you own or lease golf cart batteries, extending their life would be a significant savings to your operation!  Imagine, … not worrying about the batteries reaching the end of the lease.   Forget parking un-serviceable carts that are unable to complete a full round of golf!  No more fee refunds and angry clients when a non-optimized cart gets stuck on the 5th hole.  The electrical savings alone will pay for the placement and operation of the BattRecon Optimization System.    

 The Golf Course Owner or Operator benefits from both Battery Restoration using our Model 5048 Series of devices with an integral load tester, or from the application of the periodic BattRecon Optimization Process using the Model 5000 series of devices.    Battery restoration is the service process of re-ionizing the accumulation of sulfation back into the battery electrolyte.  Battery Optimization is the automated process that prevents the accumulation of sulfation and maintains a more even power reserve year after year! 

The BattRecon Optimization process will typically extend the battery’s useful life one to two years longer than non-optimized batteries.  In addition, golf carts that would normally run 9 holes in year 3, for example, will likely run 18 holes on the same approximate electrical consumption when optimized.  This reduces your electrical bill more than the cost of the optimization process. 

Consider that the Golf Cart electrical consumption per charge might be 3000 watts,  as an example.  As that same battery pack enters its 2nd year of life, they might typically run only 18 holes of play per 3000 watt charge, rather than the initial 36 holes.  The 3rd year only 9 holes might be played per 3000 watt charge, until the batteries are replaced.    The BattRecon Optimization System normally restores that third year battery from 9 holes to 18 holes, when using the same charging electricity.  Therefore, your electrical costs will likely double when using sulfated, non-optimized batteries.  Each BattRecon System has a built in KWH meter, so you can easily calculate how much electricity your golf cart consumes per use.