The Bravo Zulu International Ltd., (BZI) Model 1200A Hand Held Battery Impedance Tester is designed for use on battery types such as Lead-Acid, Li-Ion, and Ni-MH.  These are typically found in the automotive, telecom, industrial, UPS, marine and other industries.  The Model 1200A has a higher resolution than it’s predecessor, the Model 1000.  The increased resolution will provide a more accurate representation of the level of sulfation, shorting or other sources of increased impedance in a battery, that develop over time as the battery is cycled between charge and discharge. 

 When you accurately measure the increased resistance caused by sulfation accumulation, you can quickly troubleshoot a battery problem or simply determine when to perform maintenance.  As a lead acid battery cycles between charge and discharge, sulfates build up on the internal lead plates causing the battery to slow in performance and eventually fail.  Impedance testing in conjunction with the BZI Model 4800 Universal battery de-sulfation system, allows you to quickly measure and remove sulfation in less than one hour in a lead-acid battery. The Model 1200 was specifically designed with the resolution to accurately measure a single motive battery cell at .01 milli-ohms of impedance.

Model 1200 Hand Held Battery Impedance tester

Specifications and Operating Instructions

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