BattRecon Systems apply our Patented “Eco-Pulse” electronic process to internally desulfate the battery, which maximizes the battery’s performance and dramatically lowers your operational costs. There are two basic BattRecon “Eco-Pulse” Systems used with forklift batteries;  1) the Automatic Battery Optimization System using the Model 6000 and 2) the BattRecon “Robotic” CLOUD Based Service System using the Model 6048 or 6080. 

1) The BattRecon Model 6000 Automatic Battery Optimization System keeps your batteries constantly “tuned up.”   This low cost process extends the life of the battery several years, while reducing the average charging electrical consumption by about 25%.  BattRecon’s Optimization Process reduces service labor, technician training,  and transportation costs by optimizing the battery during the re-charging process.  

To install the Model 6000 Battery Optimizer, you simply setup the battery system parameters into the machine and plug your charger into the device.   Each   time you connect a battery to the Model 6000 for re-charging, it allows your battery to initially charge, then near the end of that charge cycle it interrupts the charger connection and applies the Eco-Pulse Process for about 5 minutes.  The battery is then optimized and ready for use.  When a battery is optimized on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule, it will maintain its maximum performance at the lowest possible cost.  One BattRecon Model 6000 may easily optimize between 3 and 6 forklift batteries per day, depending on the charge cycle time required for each battery.  Thus, one Model 6000 could easily optimize 20 or more batteries per week.


BattRecon Servicing and Restoration Devices for Forklift, Golf Cart, Auto, Marine and Telecom Batteries

2) The BattRecon Battery Service System significantly reduces or eliminates service labor, can be conducted remotely using an internet connection eliminating battery transportation costs, and does not require advanced technical training to operate.  You simply set the device(s) operating parameters and determine their sequence within the service process, then plug in the battery and allow the BattRecon Model 6048/6080 to do all the work.  Devices are easily positioned in the sequence by simply dragging the desired device from the column on the left, to the column on the right.  The warehousing operator may place a Model 6048/6080 in their facility creating a Battery Servicing Center. 

The Cloud Based Service System:  All BattRecon Systems may be used as “standalone” devices, as  WIFI machines connected to a local area network (LAN), or as an internet “Cloud” based machine to allow COMMAND and CONTROL of the system using the internet from any remote location.  The Cloud Based systems require an additional monthly or annual fee for use of the Cloud Server. 

Low System Cost:  Either system may be may be purchased outright, or leased at a low operating cost.

Battery/Vehicle Tracking and Management:  A optional bar code reading version is being developed to allow your battery operator to simply place a bar code sticker on the battery or forklift/vehicle, then read the bar code with a wand type of scanner connected the BattRecon System.  The system would then record the battery identification data when using the BattRecon Cloud, and notify the operator what battery may be next in the Automated Optimization Schedule. 

 “We would like to reduce the battery cost in our operation!”

Lead-acid batteries build up sulfates on the internal lead plates during each charge/discharge cycle, blocking the electrolyte from contacting the plate and reducing the battery’s power.  Sulfates increase the resistance of the battery, so re-charging takes longer and the runtime is reduced compared to each watt of re-charging electricity consumed.   This “excess daily sulfation” eventually forms damaging sulfate crystals requiring an aggressive servicing process to reduce them. Once sulfate crystals have formed, however, the plates have already suffered some degree of permanent damage.  The best way to lower the cost of your battery operation is to periodically prevent the formation of excess daily sulfation and sulfate crystals, such as using the BattRecon Model 6000 “Periodic Battery Optimization” system.