The BattRecon BFMS is unique in the way it collects and displays the information from individual telecom facilities.  The system hardware consists of a BattRecon Model 5000C Optimization System located in each facility or cell tower, which is connected to the individual batteries or battery banks.  The hardware is then controlled by software with two separate functions, 1) the web based “Cloud” management and reporting system, and 2) a computer based system to access the “Cloud.”

The web based “Cloud” system allows telecom management to instantly see the status of each facility (cell tower) by looking at one internet based screen.  In that view, each facility is represented by color coded circles, which provide the status of each tower. There is also a data table view that shows the same information in a “line by line” method. Each tower function will have serviceability parameters for each function that we monitor. 

Imagine that a cell tower located in a remote village, or on the top of an remotely located mountain, experiences a power grid failure and your reserve power batteries fail in only 10 minutes.  This could cost your company thousands of dollars in reduced revenue and require an expensive service call to the cell site.  The BattRecon Patent Pending “Battery and Facility Management System (BFMS)” automatically schedules remotely applied battery optimization processes, and monitors and provides a manual mode control means for other systems at a cell tower or land line based reserve power system.

The BFMS is “Cloud Based,” which simply means that all data and information from individual cell towers, or other telecom facilities, is transmitted using GPRS technology to the BattRecon Cloud Server. The information is permanently stored on that server for use by authorized telecom company personnel.  Telecom company management may determine different levels of access to the information by using a common username and password system.

“It is very difficult to service our Cell Tower Batteries ”

If you are a Telecommunications company and have Land-line or Cell Tower reserve power batteries that require labor intensive serving processes, then consider the “BattRecon Battery and Facility Management System” as a means to reduce labor and training requirements!

BattRecon Servicing and Restoration Devices for Forklift, Golf Cart, Auto, Marine and Telecom Batteries

Those functions might be, 1) battery condition, 2) temperature of the batteries, 3) fuel quantity of the fuel tank, and so on.  If one of the cell towers has low fuel quantity for example, then the cell tower displayed circle may turn yellow indicating a warning.  If a cell tower has low battery voltage or fails the previous automatic test, then the cell tower circle might also turn yellow, or it may turn red to show an actual failure. 

The technician may receive a text, email or phone call from the “Cloud” telling them there is a problem with that cell tower.  The technician would then log onto the server, from anywhere in the world, and click on that “yellow” cell tower to see what the problem is.  After they determine the batteries need service, they could switch over to the computer application and “Manually” take control of the cell tower.   They might disconnect the batteries from the tower and apply a BattRecon process to them to try and fix them. They may manually perform a load test on the batteries to make sure they have the  necessary power reserve.  If the batteries are repaired after the BattRecon process, then the cell tower “circle” would then turn green again.  All of this work can be accomplished without dispatching a driver to the cell tower.  After any event such as “Manual Mode Maintenance,” or any event exceeding parameters, then there will be a data logging of the event stored on the server for historical purposes.  The Computer Application used by the technicians has several control windows that can be custom designed by the operator.  Each operator can have their own preferred view of the information.

The Battery Optimization Process is based upon the idea of sequentially connecting the batteries to different devices automatically, thereby eliminating most labor from future battery service. As a scheduled event, the BattRecon system will automatically disconnect Battery Bank A, then apply a 5 minute BattRecon Process to it, then perform a load test and report the results to the server.  If the parameters are as desired, then the cell tower remains “Green,” and no further action is needed.  If Battery Bank A is not serviceable, then the tower goes Yellow or RED, and a text and email is sent to the technician responsible for that tower. The BattRecon Model 5000C Optimization System is easily within a Cell Tower electronics cabinet, or external to the cabinet in the event there is a space limitation within the cabinet.  The low cost, automated and remotely controlled system will allow company personnel to remotely manage a cell tower or other  facility battery banks.  The company will save service labor and training, maintain optimum reserve power, extend the battery life and lower the battery re-charging costs.