BattRecon Servicing and Restoration Devices for Forklift, Golf Cart, Auto, Marine and Telecom Batteries

Warranty: The Model 4800,  5000 and 6000 Series Systems Warranty:

Limited Warranty: 1- year limited parts warranty covers manufacturers defects, excluding damage from misuse, shipping or operator error.  The IGBT transistors and fuses are not a warranty item and are considered a normal “wear and tear devices.”   However, IGBTs are a very low cost and are not a significant expense in the event they fail.  The are relatively easy to replace and typically require only  about 15 to 30 minutes to replace.  The Battrecon systems have a very low rate of failure in the field, probably in the 2-3% rate, so the operator can be assured that these systems require infrequent maintenance or repair. 

The labor warranty is limited to 90 days, provided the system is return shipping pre-paid to BZI or an authorized dealer.  Repairs after the initial 90 days are limited to a maximum of $600 labor under our “Extended Care” program. 

“Extended Care” Extended Warranty: We provide an infinite flat rate labor repair warranty, which begins after the Limited Warranty expires.  In the event the machine fails: 1) beyond the initial 1 year warranty, 2) the machine becomes inoperative from normal wear and tear (excluding physical damage) or 3) simply needs a performance overhaul or adjustment; then the cost of the repair will not exceed the published, flat rate repair.  The current flat rate repair cost is $600.00 per occurrence, plus shipping charges.  The flat rate repair cost may be adjusted on an annual basis, or at the discretion of the company.  Other terms and condition may apply.

International Clients:

Our international clients are encouraged to purchase our International Spares Parts and Tools kit as the cost of shipping a small replacement part, plus the downtime waiting for the part, is often prohibitive.  In the event a repair is required, BZI will refer the client to the closest geographical Warranty Repair Station, or work with the client’s local technician to get the machine working again. 

BZI Reserves the right to modify or change the product specifications without prior notice.